Starting Monday, a whole bunch of Yale women just gained a whole lot of sisterhood. After an intense weekend rush period, Yale’s three sororities issued bids to their newest members Monday afternoon in the Woolsey Rotunda.

Caroline McCullough ’14, a member of Yale’s Panhellenic Council, told Cross Campus that around 195 girls signed up to rush. Of them, 126 are set to get the sisterly bonding experience of their dreams, as each sorority issued 42 bids. We watched in delight as about 30 giddy Yale women picked up their bids for Kappa Alpha Theta at the stairs leading into the rotunda around 1 p.m., and we can tell you that the promise of sisterhood and a lifetime of Elle-Woods-ian support brought tears to these eyes.

All three sororities — Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi — are on track to meet their quota from bid matching, McCullough said. Theta and Pi Phi currently have a 100 percent acceptance rate on bid offers. Meanwhile, your news feed is probably exploding with cries of “babies!!!!” and the like.