After 13 years helping Saybrugians, Saybrook Dean Paul McKinley DRA ’96 will step down at the end of the semester, he announced in a Tuesday email.

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In the email, McKinley said he will be taking time to decide whether to reenter the fields of drama and film, or to build upon his work as dean through writing, technology and advising.

“I have served as Saybrook’s dean for thirteen years, doing some of the most enjoyable work in my life, chief among it getting to know so many generations of Saybrugians,” he wrote. “Now, I’m eager to start a new chapter in my life, just as you all will do when the time comes for you to graduate and start new chapters in your own lives.”

Saybrook Master Paul Hudak thanked McKinley for his service in an email to the college that followed McKinley’s, adding that while Saybrook would miss his work as dean, it would miss his personal presence even more.

McKinley served as the dean of Saybrook from 1997-2003 and again from 2005 to the present. In the period between deanships, McKinley spent time in the film industry and on the ski slopes.