Are you a man? Are you totally hopeless at all things female? A new blog might be able to help.

By Yale Women for Yale Men is a blog started by a group of Yale women for the benefit of Yale men. The blog pursues a MENagerie of topics from how to be friends to the best places to have sex on campus. The blogs creators asked to remain anonymous, but they told Cross Campus they began the blog after one of them broke up with a Yale man after “a several month relationship… in which he did everything wrong.”

Since it launched last week, the blog has been updated with several new posts each day. Seems like Yale men are giving the writers a lot of material.

“We write mostly from personal experience and from those of our friends. Some of us are in long-term relationships, while others want to avoid feelings altogether,” the creators said in an email. “We feel that this allows us to write on a wide variety of issues from random hook ups to serious commitments.”

But it’s not all your fault, Yale men. The writers said the blog is mainly about communication, something we all need to work on.

Maybe once the guys get ByYaleMenforYaleWomen up and running, both sides can start communicating in real life.