Dearest readers,

After three semesters, 44(ish) print issues and a lot of blood/sweat/gchats, WEEKEND is lifting off its papered legs and reaching with fledgling wings to new heights: the Internet.

Have you heard of it? Well, now we inhabit it. You might think you can only enjoy supa fresh WEEKEND content on the weekends, but that is not true!

Our predecessors at WEEKEND and even scene took the lead, and now we’ve built on their forays into the blogosphere. With the launch of our new blog, we invite you to wander the shimmering pages of WEEKEND online — XCampus, a subsidiary of Cross Campus LLC, is never stable. It’s a kaleidoscope of the images, videos and voices of the fruit of the Yale. Now, the exuberance of a generation, the pinnacle of cultural criticism, and the cat’s meow are all just mere mouse-clicks away. Now, every day, even Tuesday, is WEEKEND.

We’re introducing 22 (count em, 22!) new weekly blog series — with topics ranging from film reviews to album reviews to the fictive dinner parties of the movers and shakers of the world. But we hope to expand even beyond these bounds: we hope to add your individual opinions, musings and informational tidbits to the campus conversation. Our blog is a space for you to interact with your peers.

Bloggers of WEEKEND unite! You have nothing to lose, but your sanity, and maybe your dignity. Go forth.