Craving some tacos? Check out East Haven Town Hall.

After East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo mentioned that he “might have tacos” when asked what he would do to support the city’s Latino residents, advocacy group Reform Immigration for America (RIFA) launched a texting campaign urging upset citizens to text “TACO” to 69866 — in return, the group said it would deliver a taco to the mayor’s office as a sign of protest.

Sure enough, representatives from Junta for Progressive Action, a branch of RIFA, delivered an extra large order of 400 tacos to the city’s Town Hall Thursday afternoon. Maturo was not present to accept the gift.

It doesn’t look like Maturo will get to savor all 400 tacos. Junta members said in an interview with the New Haven Register that they intended to leave one taco behind for Maturo and donate the rest to the less fortunate.