• Cory Maples, who was convicted of two murders in 1995, missed the deadline to appeal his death row sentence because his lawyers at the prominent New York City law firm Sullivan and Cromwell abandoned the case and failed to pass it along to their colleagues before the appeal arrived. After his lawyers left, Maples sought a second chance to appeal his case. His efforts drew the attention of the Ethics Bureau at the Law School, and The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Maples was entitled to another appeal.
  • After finding the descendants of a species of Galapagos giant tortoises believed extinct for 150 years, Yale researchers are looking to save the tortoises.

    In an expedition to Isabela Island led by Yale researcher Gisella Caccone, a group found 84 tortoises whose genes show that one of their parents is a member of the supposedly extinct species, C. elephantopus. The subsequent report stated that at least 38 purebred individuals of that species are still alive, and Caccone said she hopes to return to the Galapagos find them.

  • Last year, Tweed New Haven Regional Airport posted a record passenger count.

    The local airport processed 39,791 commercial airline passengers in 2011 — an 11 percent increase over the previous year — in a strong performance that City Hall spokesperson Elizabeth Benton ’04 said mirrored the city’s improved year overall.


High of 49 degrees, low of 29 degrees, mostly sunny.


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Breakfast: Steelcut Oats

Lunch: Venetian White Bean Soup, Chef’s Choice Soup, Dal Gobi, Sausage & Pepper Grinder, Stuffed Shells, Grilled All Beef Franks, Italian Deli Zep, Quinoa Black Bean & Corn Pilaf, Baked Zucchini & Tomatoes, Mesclun, Cauliflower & Cheddar, White Bean Salad with Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette, Curried Corn & Farro Salad, Pina Colada Cupcake, Peanut Butter Cookie

Dinner: Harira, Franks & Beans Western Style, Baking Powder Biscuit, Turkey Stew, Crunchy Stuffed Squash, Grilled All Beef Franks, Korean Barbecued Pork Chop, French Fries, Roasted Butternut Squash, Mesclun, Cauliflower & Cheddar, White Bean Salad with Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette, Curried Corn & Farro Salad, Iced Oreo Cake

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Breakfast: Cream Of Wheat Without Milk, Waffle Bar, Zucchini Frittata, Texas French Toast, Cage-Free Scrambled Eggs, Scrambled Egg Whites, Bacon Slices, Shredded Potatoes

Lunch: Hearty Vegetable Barley Soup, Escarole & Sausage Soup, Marinated Oven Roasted Tofu, Leek & Potato Galette, Dinosaur Shepherd’s Pie, Bolognese Sauce, Spaghetti, Organic Tomato Sauce, Chefs Choice All-Natural Burger, Herb Marinated Chicken Breast, Garden Burger, Chinese Marinated Tofu, Pepperoni Pizza, Chef’s Choice Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Chinese Greens with Garlic, Green Bean & Tofu, Shrimp Fried Rice, Jasmine Rice, Cantonese Chicken Wings, Italian Deli Zep, Chef’s Choice Fries, Dirty Rice, Roasted Butternut Squash, Caesar Salad, Creamy Coleslaw, Pina Colada Cupcake, Peanut Butter Cookie