Students in Davenport College were awoken minutes before 3 a.m. by the less-than-dulcet announcement that a fire emergency had been declared in the building.

Davenporters in three entryways, and those in the college’s common room and library, streamed into the college’s courtyard in various states of undress and irritation. While the initial general consensus was that the incident was another example of poorly timed Yale fire drills, questions arose once a number of Yale Police and Yale Fire Department officials entered the college and proceeded to go to a hallway below the master’s office, where several professors and the college’s writing tutor occupy offices.

One official interviewed said it was unclear whether there was a real fire. Other firefighters checked various alarms and looked visibly confused.

After about 10 minutes, the alarm subsided and students returned to their beds and/or books. Cross Campus bets more than a few of the Dporters are going to have nightmares about their beloved gnome going up in flames before their very eyes.