A typical Yale weekend starts with a pre-game, some awful vodka, and leads to DKE or (if you’re posh enough) SigEp. If you’re lucky it might end with some heaven sent, greasy, Yorkside pizza.

That’s typical. But what if you want something atypical? What if you want to feel like a Yale student while sipping cosmopolitans and touring art galleries? While I (officially) can’t give you any options for the cosmopolitans until you’re of legal age, I can cue you to what happens at Yale over the weekend for those of you classy enough — student-run tours at the art gallery!

Today, Carla Giugale ’12 will lead a tour titled “Could a Four Year-Old Make That? A Closer Look at Contemporary Art.” Giugale, an art history and economics major, got the idea for the tour when her parents visited the Art Gallery and said, “Why is that piece in the gallery? A 4 year old could make it!”

The tour starts with Marcel Duchamp’s ‘In Advance of a Broken Arm,’ a shovel that hangs on the wall of the gallery.

“Duchamp was one of the first to postulate the idea that art didn’t have to be about aesthetics, but about the concepts behind them,” Giugale said.

The tour also touches on a painting of Duchamp, the last he ever created.

Then comes a more recognized artist: Jackson Pollock. Giugale introduces studies on the intricate fractals that have been discovered by art historians behind the seemingly nonsensical painting.

All in all, the tour lasts around an hour. Join Giugale today at 3 p.m. for the exploration of some of Yale’s most famous, and most fascinating, artistic gems that probably couldn’t be made by four year olds.