The weatherman wasn’t lying this time — Snow Bulldogs across campus are waking up to several inches of freshies on the ground. Total accumulation will be between three and five inches, mainly before 3 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. State officials aren’t too concerned about “light, fluffy snow” that “should taper off by mid-afternoon,” but a number of towns — including Hartford — have issued parking bans, anyway, the Courant reported.

Looks like we’ll be fine. You probably shouldn’t drive, and you probably should do all of the following:

1) Put on your biggiest, puffiest clothes. It’s not actually that cold out, but you want to look like it is for the Facebook pics.

2) Roll around in the snow at least once. Snow angels are adorable and if you are wearing a big coat you’ll stay warm.

3) Go back inside, act like it’s a huge storm, sip cocoa/cider and smile. It’s a beautiful day.

4) Watch this, and this, and then the whole movie.

Stay cozy, Yale.