• In a controversial proposal published in Slate Magazine last November, Yale Law School professors Akhil Amar ’80 LAW ’84and Ian Ayres

    call for law schools to offer to pay off part of their first-years’ loans should these students realize that their prospects of successful legal careers are slim. As law professors and administrators have continued to debate the article the argument has brought new life to an old question: Should the responsibility of a student’s success in law school fall on the school or the student?

  • A new book published in December highlights the dialogue between architects and developers in the context of Brazil’s booming economy.

    “Urban Intersections: São Paulo” is the sixth book in a series that showcases the designs by students at the School of Architecture created for a spring semester studio co-taught every year by a practicing architect and a visiting player in the real estate industry.

  • The first 25 head coaches of Yale football were alumni of the team. Each had a winning record. The first coach hired from outside of Yale, Spike Nelson in 1941, posted the first sub-.500 coaching record in Yale history. Indeed, even today in the Ivy League, athletic departments and coaches seek familiarity: many coaches shuffle between schools in the Ancient Eight.


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