Feeling claustrophobic in your tiny double? Count your blessings.

A report out from Reuters this week says a company called Galaxy Stars HK will start manufacturing single-sleeper dorm pods designed to maximize the use of space in notoriously high-rent Hong Kong. The dorms are inspired by Japan’s capsule hotels; each has a three foot by four foot opening and is six feet long.

The monthly rent for one of these capsules is HK$3,500 (around $450 USD), and includes air conditioning, power outlets, computer tables and light switches. In a country with the world’s most expensive rent, college students in Hong Kong have already expressed interest in living in these affordable yet tiny quarters.

Singapore, too, is notorious for high-rent housing. But given that Yale-NUS College will include three residential colleges, we are hopeful that our future peers will sleep easy, or at least, not in a pod.