Blackout. Today, English-language Wikipedia will black out in protest of an anti-piracy act stirring up Congress. This means you have to do the reading for all of your classes, or just not make comments.

Crunch time. Members of the class of 2015 must submit schedules to their college dean or face the consequences. Members of the classes of 2014 and 2013 have until Thursday, and seniors can chill until Friday.

We’re getting Lady Gaga. The Yale College Council sent out its annual Spring Fling Openers survey on Monday. Likely Spring Fling performers, based on the survey, include Robyn, Waka Flocka, Metric, Lykke Li, Arctic Monkeys and Santigold.

Meet the Ying Yang Twins! The Yale College Council is offering a backstage pass to Spring Fling 2012 for the student who designs the best official logo for this year’s concert. The logo will be featured on all Spring Fling publicity and merchandise, and the winning student will get to meet the performers. Submissions are due Feb. 3.

Save the Ducks! Fliers for Ducks Unlimited, the leading waterfowl conservation organization, began papering campus with fliers a few weeks ago in hopes of encouraging more students to sign up. The organization already counts between 20 and 25 members in its Yale chapter, which meets monthly.

Wall Street crash. An unmanned dark-gray Dodge Intrepid coasted into a parked Volvo XC90 on College Street outside Silliman College around 11:20 p.m. The incident drew eight police cars to the scene. No one was hurt in the crash. As of press time, the driver’s identity, and why he abandoned the vehicle, remained unclear.

A facelift. Last week, the state of Connecticut launched a two-year, $22 million marketing campaign in order to “aggressively” promote the state as a go-to destination for tourism, enterprise and family fun. “For the last two years, Connecticut has been the only state in the region to have allocated no marketing money for stimulating business development and tourism,” Malloy said in a press release.

A little too hot. In an email to students shopping “Great Hoaxes and Fantasies in Archaeology,” professor William Honeychurch celebrated because the number of shoppers had dropped to 500, and encouraged students who do not plan to enroll to get off the shopping list “fast.”


1966 Three youths are arrested in connection to thefts totaling $700 to $800 of property.