If you’ve been wading through campus the last few days, you have probably seen one of the posters pictured above. Maybe you thought it meant Alfred Hitchcock was prescient and the Ducks are staging a takeover, or maybe you thought it was finally time for the hunt. Regardless, Cross Campus decided to investigate.

Turns out Ducks Unlimited is a global leader in the waterfowl conservation movement; according to its website, Ducks Unlimited “does more than any other organization to put ducks in the sky.” Now they’re trying to get more Yalies to sign up. Ducks Unlimited President Ari Epsohl ’12 said the Yale chapter of Ducks Unlimited, started in 2010, already includes around 25 undergraduates. The group meets monthly and holds an annual banquet with around 100 guests.

“The poster campaign was designed to find people on campus who recognize the Ducks Unlimited logo, so that they too could join the group,” Opsahl said in an email.

Opsahl said he hopes the poster campaign will inspire Yalies to “hop on the internet and find out” what all this duck business is about, so we guess this post means they were successful.