As Yale-NUS College prepares to open in fall 2013, Harvard has created an administrative position that will examine the university’s “global engagement.”

Harvard Business School Professor Krishna Palepu was named President Drew Gilpin Faust’s senior adviser for global strategy on Wednesday, the Crimson reported. Palepu will work to implement the recommendations of Harvard’s International Strategy Working Group, which in October 2011 delivered its findings to the Harvard Board of Governors, the school’s highest governing body. The findings have not yet been released to the public.

“I am delighted that Harvard has, with this appointment, underscored its commitment to global engagement,” Jorge Domínguez, Harvard’s vice provost for international affairs, told the Harvard Gazette.

Palepu will also work on international fundraising and alumni outreach, in coordination with Domínguez.

Harvard’s International Strategy Working Group was formed in 2010 weeks after Yale first announced plans for Yale-NUS college.