A Case of the Mondays. Today is Friday on the calendar but Monday in practice. Campus is operating on a Monday schedule, so you have to wake up before noon. Or you don’t, because it’s still shopping period.

So productive! The YCC launched a self-promotional website on Thursday that publicizes the group’s innumerable accomplishments by asking the age-old question: “What has the YCC done this year?” The website is modeled off a similar site called “What the hec has Obama done so far?” that was created to quiet down President Barack Obama’s haters. Haters, back off!

Har har har. Two other new websites — one called “Yet Another Yale Textbook Website,” the other, “Yet Another Yale Bluebook Website,” sprung up early this morning.

Prof. John Lewis Gaddis appeared on Charlie Rose on Wednesday night to discuss his biography of the American statesman George Kennan, which was published in November to critical acclaim.

Cut it out. A wave of vandalism has hit Swing Space, according to an email sent to Swing residents by its resident fellows. The incidents involved graffiti on the windows, computers and tables of the second-floor computer lab in addition to more graffiti on the central staircase. One resident fellow said the graffiti consisted of “offensive phrases and words.”

Changes at Higher One. The Yale-born startup that has been providing financial support services for colleges for over a decade announced on Thursday that Mark Volchek ’00 GRD ’00, its co-founder and chief financial officer, will take over as chief executive officer. Volchek will take over for Dean Hatton, who will retire on or before June 30.

Keep it clean. Yale had the second smallest amount of waste generated per person at its home football games, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Game Day Challenge. Yalies produced less waste than revelers at Harvard, Brown and UMass-Amherst, but lost to Central Connecticut State.

#perfectday. A mysterious do-gooder blasted Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” through Old Campus around 3 p.m. on Thursday, improving the mood in the area 1000-fold.


1957 Yale officials announce a $200 hike in tuition, bringing the total yearly tuition to $2,000. The announcement marks the third jump in tuition in five years.