One wiki to rule them all. A new wiki called “Everything Useful” is attempting to compile mass amounts of information relevant to Yalies under one URL. According to its home page, the wiki was created by Casey Watts ’12 and includes sections on textbooks, computers, transportation in New Haven, the Connecticut Post Mall and alcohol.

Building a legacy. The Yale Physics Department has established the Michele Dufault Summer Research Fellowship and Conference Fund in honor of Michele Dufault ’11, an astronomy and physics major who died last April in an accident in Sterling Chemistry Laboratory. The initiative will fund opportunities for young women to pursue science, such as a summer fellowship for a female Yale student and conferences that promote female representation in the physical sciences.

Getting prepared. Gov. Dannel Malloy announced a number of new initiatives on Wednesday to ensure the state is prepared for the next Hurricane Irene or early autumn snowstorm. Proposals include allotting $1 million for tree maintenance, developing new performance standards for power companies and holding disaster drills before September.

Speaking out. Yale Law School Prof. Bruce Ackerman LAW ’67 published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday claiming that President Barack Obama owes the American people an explanation of the legality behind his decision to fill positions on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board while the Senate is in recess.

Also speaking out. In an article published in Bloomberg, economics Prof. Robert Shiller said a surge in the U.S. bond market that has pushed debt yields to record lows may just be a bubble. He also predicted the collapse of the U.S. housing market.

That’s a killer tote. The Arts Council of Greater New Haven and Elm City Market are co-sponsoring the “Tag-a-Bag” competition in which artists in the Greater New Haven area compete to design the best reusable tote bag. The winners will receive $100 from the Arts Council and see their totes at Elm City Market. Submissions are due Feb. 7.

How to save a species. Yale scientists have discovered evidence that a species of giant Galapagos Tortoise long thought extinct may still live on in hybrid forms.


1981 New Haven continues an investigation into whether Yale’s dining halls are allowed to operate without city licenses.