Trayless dining has been a distant, fleeting dream for a long time — in the ever-crowded, normally-perfect Silliman Dining Hall, trays have slowly been disappearing as part of an initiative to get the college trayless altogether.

Monday was supposed to be the first day of a semester totally tray-free in Silliman, but according to an email to the Silliman community Monday night, it did not go as hoped. Master Judith Krauss told the Silliman community that early reports have deemed the initiative an “unmitigated disaster.” The dish clearing station cannot handle trayless dish returns at such a high volume, she said.

“I hate to bail on any change initiative prematurely but also don’t take any pleasure in making the community suffer unnecessarily,” Krauss wrote.

Krauss did request more feedback from students — the dream that is trayless is still alive.

CORRECTION: Jan. 11 Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article incorrectly claimed that trays had returned to the Silliman dining hall. Silliman is still trayless, and Master Krauss is asking students to send in more feedback before making a final decision. We apologize for the mistake.