A forsythia grows in Branford. Eric Larson, manager of the Marsh Botanic Gardens on Science Hill, confirmed that yellow flowers blooming in Branford are forsythia. The flowers caught the eye of English prof. Leslie Brisman. “Is this a horticultural reminder to all students that what is about to start is the ‘spring’ semester?” Brisman asked. “Or is it Yale’s own answer to Republican deniers of global warming?”

Silliman College has revamped its laundry system to include baskets in which students can place laundry from washing machines whose cycles have finished, Master Judith Krauss told students in an email. The program, conceived by the Yale College Council, includes numbered baskets and a white board on which students can write notes specifying which basket holds clothes from which dryer.

No leasing. New Haven has the lowest apartment vacancy rate in the nation, according to a ranking released last week by Reis Inc., an organization that conducts studies on real estate markets. New Haven’s 2.1 percent vacancy in the fourth quarter of 2011 beat even New York City, which posted a 2.4 percent vacancy.

A panel tasked with assessing Connecticut’s response to Hurricane Irene and the snowstorm of October 2011 filed its report on Monday, recommending 82 changes, including an increase on utilities taxes to finance stronger infrastructure, and higher standards for utilities companies.

Not so free. Occupy New Haven has cost the city over $60,000 in police overtime pay since its tents first went up on the New Haven Green last fall, NBC Connecticut reported. Mayor John DeStefano Jr. said while he thinks taxpayers are concerned about costs, they are also concerned about preservation of free expression.

Low expectations. In PLSC 271: Gateway to American Public Policy, Prof. Jacob Hacker opened with a joke about keeping his first lecture short, quoting an evaluation he once received from a student: “Professor Hacker, if I had 15 minutes to live, I’d want to spend it in your class. That way it would feel like an hour.” A student then walked out.

Fun, fun, fun, fun. English 120 Prof. Ryan Wepler started the seminar with a 30 minute analysis of what makes Rebecca Black’s “Friday” bad art. He introduced her as America’s “new prophet of art” and provided students with a copy of the lyrics.


1963 Students and professors from the first intensive Directed Studies program reunite for dinner and sherry.