Maybe you felt the whole Universe quaking all weekend long — I know I did — with each of her holiness Beyonce’s contractions as her flawless body prepared to carry out the most consequential birth of 2012, if not all time. On Saturday evening, the whole world exploded when B gave birth to her love child with Jay-Z, a presumably-perfect girl named Blue Ivy Carter.

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My first reaction was obviously to scream and tell everyone within 50 feet of me. But after I got it together I got to thinking — Blue Ivy. Ivy League. Bulldogs. Yale. Yale Blue. Yale is the Blue Ivy. Blue Ivy is named after Yale. Beyonce loves Yale.

I thought I had stumbled upon an eminently Tweetable thought, but it turned out I was not as original as I had thought! Yale spokesman Michael Morand ’87 DIV ’93 beat me to the punch! Yet I kept thinking. Perhaps one day young Blue Ivy Carter will forgo the entertainment industry and turn to academia. Perhaps she will want an Ivy League experience, and perhaps she’ll choose Yale.

But who will she become at Yale? Where will she find her passion? Might she be just like me and pick the Yale Daily News? Perhaps she will find her true home in the Independent Party, or working for the Politic.

Probably none of the above would be true. I’m guessing Blue Ivy will join an a cappella group (duh) and grow so super close with her suitemates, who will come from all corners of the globe and be her “girls.” Blue Ivy will be in Davenport and she’ll love it, so much! Can you say princess suite? She will probably stay on campus through her junior year before moving to Chapel Street or the Eli as a senior. When she is a senior, 22 years from now, she might even invite her mother to speak at Commencement. When Beyonce strides across that stage to speak, by then one of the most venerated singers of all time, all of campus will explode the same way the whole world did when Blue Ivy burst onto the scene on Saturday.

We can only hope. Best of luck, Blue Ivy. If you need SAT tutoring or advice on admissions essays, we’re here.