After James Franco’s GRD ’16 first book, a collection of stories called “Palo Alto,” racked up three stars out of five on Amazon, Yale’s most famous English grad student is back for another round.

The Oscar-nominated actor has sold his debut novel “Actors Anonymous” to Amazon Publishing, Reuters reported this week. The novel, planned for release in 2013, is said to tell a semi-fictionalized story of Franco’s time as an actor.

Franco is one of a number of author-celebs to forgo traditional publishing houses and post directly to Amazon — he joins the ranks of self-help expert Timothy Ferris and meditation guru Deepak Chopra, the Huffington Post reported.

Before Actors Anonymous, Franco will release his second book later this year, a description of a 2010 art show the actor helped curate that’s slated to be called “James Franco: Dangerous Book Four Boys.” This book should be out in April, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Maybe Franco’s semi-autobiographical novel will discuss his time at Yale. Maybe he’ll lament that uncomfortably public bathroom outside Linsly-Chittenden 102, or rave about how much he loves the Chapel Street Starbucks. We can only hope — that Starbucks rocks.