Move over, Rhoda — a new series about young people trying to make it big in New York is coming to a digital video player near you this spring.

Cross Campus favorite Allison Williams ’10 stars alongside Lena Dunham in “Girls,” a generational show produced by Judd Apatow that features three best girlfriends being young in the Big Apple. A Dunham-heavy trailer (in which Williams has only two lines, one about texting, the other about condoms) came out earlier this week. Watch it now:

“Girls” seems like it will be a relevant, relatable look at what I imagine life is like for Millennials living and working in New York, having never lived there myself. In the trailer, Dunham’s character, Hannah, acts like a wry young writer type who struggles with money — the trailer opens with Hannah’s voice: “So I calculated and I can last New York for three and a half more days, maybe seven, if I don’t eat lunch” — and who lets men treat her poorly. The trailer touches on several themes crucial to today’s youth, like texting, Tweeting and being underemployed. It also focuses on sex and talking about sex, including the following relatable exchange:

Hannah’s shirtless boytoy: “This is good. I’m gonna go get some lube.”

Hannah, in what looks like a poorly-formed Dhanurasana pose: “Why do we need to get lube?”

As Hannah types a Tweet reading “My life has been a lie” toward the teaser’s close, she makes a bold declaration:

“I think I may be the voice of my generation..or at least, a voice of a generation,” Hannah tells her skeptical parents.

Big words, but given that this promising teaser has racked up nearly 70,000 YouTube hits in just a few days, Dunham’s Hannah may not be so wrong. We’ll find out when “Girls” premieres in April 2012.