Yale may have an impressive list of presidents, senators and athletes, but an article published last week on CollegeMagazine.com contends that it also produces a lot of hipsters.

“[Yale’s] fine arts program is ranked among the highest in the country, and a boatload of stellar degrees (including a strong liberal arts program) means hipsters at Yale can study whatever their hearts desire,” the article said. “Yale is also extremely vegetarian-friendly and is located in the heart of New Haven, Connecticut – not exactly a “hipster city,” but the quiet, colonial atmosphere may just inspire you to pull out those oversize glasses and grandpa cardigans – if that’s your thing, anyway.”

According to the study, researchers analyzed dozens and dozens of schools based on the following criteria: location, number of awards received by the college radio station, strength of fashion & fine arts & liberal arts programs (indie), availability of sustainable and vegan-friendly dining options and the number of local boutiques and thrift stores.

In the end, Salvo, the School of Art, and probably the Art & Architecture Library earned Yale its 8th place ranking. Maybe a few more English grad students smoking outside LC can bring us up to 5th next year! View the list below:

1) New York University

2) Fashion Institute of Technology

3) Emerson College

4) Rhode Island School of Design

5) Parsons: The New School for Design

6) University of California – Los Angeles

7) University of California – Berkeley

8) Yale University

9) Carnegie Mellon University

10) Georgetown University

Oversized glasses and grandpa cardigans? Try tacky sweaters instead.