Tired of looking at notes and practice exams? Try looking at another Yalie instead.

A group calling itself “A New Vision for Yale” sent out an email to the student body last night encouraging Yalies to take part in a 24-hour “Eye Contact Challenge,” in which participants who make incidental eye contact with one another are required to stare at each other for one minute without closing their eyes. Organizers of the challenge did not return requests for comment.

Read the email here:

93% of people are uncomfortable with making eye contact with strangers for more than a fraction of a second.

Welcome to the Eye Contact Challenge

The game begins every time you make incidental eye contact — in dining halls, on the street, in the library. The first person to look away loses. Blinking is allowed; purposefully closing your eyes is not. The game resets after 1 minute.

Competition begins at midnight. It will end after exactly twenty-four hours.

In between now and then– don’t look away.

We’re watching,

A New Vision for Yale

Any stories or observations from today’s challenge will be welcome at this email address.

The challenge began at midnight today and will last until 11:59 p.m. Keep your eyes peeled!