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Evacuation. A fire alarm and wave of flooding prompted the evacuation of Swing Space Monday morning. Most students returned to their rooms shortly after flooding began at 7 a.m.

More evacuations. A fire alarm caused by a mechanical malfunction Tuesday evening forced students out of Bass Library. Students were allowed back in after 15 minutes.

So popular. The Tacky Sweater Shop, a holiday season pop-up shop at 1060 Chapel St., ran out of tacky Christmas sweaters within its first 36 hours of business, owner Danyel Aversenti said. The store is expecting another shipment of ugly sweaters by Thursday, Aversenti added.

Smarty pants. Thirteen juniors and 51 seniors were inducted into the academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa in a Monday ceremony. This fall, the juniors inducted had all earned straight-A’s in at least 95 percent of their course credits at Yale, and the seniors had earned straight-A’s in 81.4 percent of their course credits.

A 27-year-old man was murdered early Tuesday morning in the Newhallville neighborhood, marking New Haven’s 32nd murder of 2011. NHPD officers responded to reported gunshots and found the victim, Dallas Boomer, inside a car that had crashed into a street sign on Willis Street near Fournier Street. The last time New Haven had a homicide count this high was in 1994, just three years after the number of murders peaked at 34 in 1991.

Trouble in paradise. Two members of Occupy New Haven and another male were arrested and charged with Breach of Peace Friday afternoon after a fight broke out over the orientation of the American flag at the campsite.

Fabrications? In an interview with Forbes India published Monday, University President Richard Levin is quoted saying that Yale might consider opening a campus in India in the next five years. But Levin told the News that large portions of the interview were fabricated, and that he had no intentions of opening a campus in India. “All these conclusionary remarks simply aren’t mine,” Levin said. “I don’t speak like that — I’ve never had this happen before.


1941 Around 1,500 students and local youth storm the New Haven Green in reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor.