The Yale Whiffenpoofs will join the Harvard Krokodiloes, Princeton Nassoons and Darren Criss of “Glee” fame on stage on Dec. 17 at 8:30 p.m. for a “Sing Out, Raise Hope” benefit concert.

The concert, which will be held at the Lincoln Center in New York City, will raise funds for the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation Pediatric AIDS Foundation — a nonprofit organization dedicated to pediatric HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment — and The Trevor Project, an organization that provides suicide intervention services for LGBTQ youth.

The Whiffenpoofs performed at a benefit concert for the Glaser foundation during the summer of 2010 and has since pledged to support the organization’s efforts, according to the a cappella group’s website.

The concert is presented by the Association of Yale Alumni and the Yale Whiffenpoofs Alumni Association.