There’s nothing worse than that two-week period you spend in Bass every December. Thankfully, a couple of Yalies — the mysterious “DaLegend” and “MC Lars” — have put together a rap song (it’s really more of an anthem) called “Frat City” that will surely get us through finals. After all, what better way to survive such terrible pain than by making us feel like we’re swimming in cheap beer at SigEp?

“‘Ey yo b, what’s up?” the song begins. Okay, off to a shaky start, but don’t worry: “That s— right here? It’s called frat city.” What’s “frat city,” you ask? Well, it “runs the whole school.”

It doesn’t stop there. The song has a simple repetitive beat as it drills in a solid, resounding message: “ADPhi, DKE, Zeta Psi, yo / better watch your girl if she on frat row.” Oh, and don’t forget the video: a picture of a tilted can of Natural Light beer — see? What would we do without the cheap beer?

Here are a few more choice lyrics (rough transcriptions of them, anyway):

“Box 6-3 then we hit Toad’s Place / 30 deep at the door — we don’t ever wait”

“Any girl looking like she wanna Alpha Del’ / Tank top, flip-flops, Deerfield belt / she got her swag but so do errybody else / paying no attention / not a single Twitter mention”

“’Round 2 a.m. these girls start to get the mission / I’m so drunk, take off my clothes”

“Letters on my chest make the girls nympho”

“I’m not a fighter but my crew will stop your a– out / so think twice talkin’ s— at the Zeta house”

Intrigued? You can listen to the song by clicking here.

UPDATE: The original YouTube video has been taken down, but you can still listen to “Frat City” here.

CORRECTION: Dec. 2, 2011

A previous version of this article mistakenly stated that the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon hosts parties in the basement of its facility at 31 High St. The area in which the fraternity hosts the bulk of its parties is not so much a basement as a downstairs. The News sincerely regrets this error.