There’s still time. Today is the last day to withdraw from a fall term course. Forms are available in your college dean’s office and must be submitted by 5 p.m.

Indubitably. Gov. Dannel Malloy declared Saturday to be The Elizabethan Club of Yale University Day, in honor of the Lizzie’s commitment to furthering the arts and humanities. The Lizzie will celebrate its 100th birthday on Saturday with a members-only banquet.

Don’t mess. Two men attempting to rob Bebe’s Market in Fair Haven on Tuesday night met their match in Karar Jawad, the store’s owner. When the men drew their guns, Jawad took out a Glock of his own and shot the robbers, sending one to the hospital before he was arrested. The incident was captured on the store’s security cameras, and video has been posted on YouTube.

We love weddings. An article in the Atlantic did some math and calculated that roughly 5.8 percent of people featured in the New York Times’ Weddings section are Yalies, while 9.4 percent are Harvard affiliates and 3.6 percent are Princetonians. By the article’s calculations, alumni of Harvard, Yale and Princeton are 100 times more likely to be featured than the average American. Other key indicators: working for an elite law firm, working in Congress, being gay.

Last chance. Today is the last day to buy tickets to the Sophomore Class Council’s “Snow Ball,” to be held Saturday night in the Ezra Stiles dining hall. The first 400 people to buy tickets will receive complimentary glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls.

The Sexual Literacy Coalition will send out a survey via email examining Yale’s sexual culture today at noon. The study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board and the results will be shared with the Yale community, according to a Facebook event.

Sweaters galore. A new retail shop, the “Tacky Christmas Sweater Shop,” has popped up at 1060 Chapel Street in time for the holiday seasons and inevitable sweater parties. It will be open until Dec. 11.

The new Greek flow. Two members of Yale’s fraternities, known as “DaLegend” and “MC Lars,” released an original song called “Frat City” to YouTube this week. The song waxes poetic about “ADPhi, DKE and Zeta Psi,” and warns that students “better watch your girl if she on frat row.”


1914 The Shubert Theater, then the nation’s most modern theater, prepares to open.