Around 250 people have applied to fill 20 spots in Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s “Leadership” seminar next semester, Director of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs James Levinsohn said.

The Jackson Institute received “substantially more” applications for the third edition of INRL 690 than it has in years past, when the course was offered in both the fall and spring semesters, Levinsohn said in a Wednesday email. He added that most spots will go to students enrolled in the International Relations master’s degree program and the undergraduate Global Affairs major, two programs offered by the Jackson Institute.

“Leadership” looks at leadership in a broad context and how modern leaders are affected by changes in politics, the media and globalization, among other factors. McChrystal draws from his extensive military leadership experience and as well as both historical and contemporary examples, according to last year’s syllabus. Students applying to the course had to submit a résumé and an unofficial transcript, as well as explain their qualifications and how the course would fit their educational goals.

McChrystal was hired to teach at Yale in August 2010, less than a month after he left a 34-year career in the U.S. army. He developed and taught “Leadership” last year and taught a unit on the Middle East and Central Asia in “Gateway to Global Affairs” (GLBL 101) this fall. McChrystal has also recently assumed a new position in the Obama administration leading a public service initiative to help military families after being relieved of command in summer 2010.

Applications to “Leadership” for the spring semester were due Nov. 28, and decisions will be made via email by Jan. 6, 2012.