No more refreshing. The Yale College Council announced on Monday that students will now receive an email when their final grades are posted on Student Information Systems. The new feature comes after two months of collaboration between the YCC, the Registrar’s Office and Yale ITS, and is designed to relieve students of obsessively checking SIS to see if grades have been posted, YCC Rep. Dan Stein ’14 said.

Greenwich gets more money. Three men who work at an asset management firm in Greenwich, Conn. — Greg Skidmore, Brandon Lacoff and Tim Davidson — came forward on Monday as the winners of a $254 million Powerball jackpot. The three established a trust to manage the money, their lawyer said, and plan to use the money for philanthropic purposes, the AP reported.

Occupy New York Times. An article published in the Times’ Dealbook section on Monday noted the push back against finance and consulting careers at Yale and other Ivies. “I teach financial markets, and it’s a little like teaching R.O.T.C. during the Vietnam War,” Yale economics professor Robert Shiller told the Times. “You have this sense that something’s amiss.”

Violence. A day after the city’s 31st homicide of 2011, a 23-year-old man was shot in the chest on Button Street in the Hill neighborhood late Monday night. The victim was in critical but stable condition Tuesday morning, the New Haven Independent reported.

World AIDS mob. Students from Quinnipiac University, Southern Connecticut State University, the University of New Haven and Yale will converge on the New Haven Green at 5:30 today for a flash mob in honor of World AIDS day.

Stop! Thief! Calhoun’s two main signs were stolen sometime during the Fall Recess and have yet to be returned, Calhoun Master Amy Hungerford said in an email to Hounies Tuesday. The thief may return the signs to the Calhoun common room without being punished, Hungerford said.

The most wonderful meal of the year. Saturday’s annual Holiday Dinner will include roast sirloin of beef, Yale Dining announced in an email Tuesday.

Trying to get out? For students planning to move off campus, take a semester off or go abroad, today is the last day to turn in the form for relinquishing housing for the spring term without charge.


1947 Twenty-one Yale Law professors write to the government to oppose the Un-American Activities Committee.