Entry into the Global Affairs major just got even more competitive.

Nearly three times more students from the class of 2014 than can be accepted have submitted applications for the major, Director of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs James Levinsohn said in an email. The major — which was approved last December and selected its first group of majors from the class of 2013 last spring — accepts 50 students each year.

“There were almost three times more applicants than we can accept, so we’ll have to make some difficult decisions,” Levinsohn said.

Over 100 sophomores applied to the major last spring, but this fall the number of applications climbed higher. Levinsohn said more people may have been motivated to apply after seeing “the major in action” this semester, when some of its core courses were offered for the first time.

Levinsohn said he will appoint a committee to review the applications and decisions will be made by around the start of the spring semester.

Applications for the major were due Nov. 18.