Love found its way to the Yale Bowl last Saturday as Harvard football player Josue Ortiz, a senior, proposed to longtime girlfriend Kayci Baldwin, a sophomore, at the conclusion of last weekend’s The Game 2011.

In front of the 53,000 fans and a national television audience who tuned in to watch the annual football game, Ortiz got down on one knee and asked Baldwin to marry him. She just said yes.

“I was hoping it would happen soon, but I didn’t expect him to do it [after the game] because he’s so focused and dedicated to his team, I thought he wouldn’t even been thinking about it until later, after the season,” Baldwin said in an interview with The Crimson. “I was absolutely shocked.”

Ortiz, a senior defensive tackle for Harvard’s football team, told The Crimson that he had been considering proposing for a few months and went shopping with Baldwin’s mother and grandmother for an engagement ring. He added that he bought Baldwin a yellow gold ring with a sapphire stone, which The Crimson reported was a tradition for women in the Baldwin family.

While we maintain our belief that Harvard sucks, even we Yalies are not immune to the joy of young Crimson love. Congratulations, young couple!

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