The precious 6 percent have managed to create something almost as unfunny as their pinnies.

On Harvard Time, Harvard’s “comedy” “news” program, released its anti-Yale video, “Air Bully,” earlier this week. It is unfortunately true that Yale has lost the past four matchups, and the video really creatively picks up on that.

The video starts with Yale’s quarterback, Josh, trying to pump up his team.

“This is our chance to show them we’re not just a bunch of salutatorians, student council vice-presidents, second-chair violinists,” Josh says. While we’re happy for Harvard students who seem to measure their worth in prestigious achievements from their high school years, we’re glad Yalies can actually realize that the whole point of college is to move on to bigger and better things.

After wasting thirty seconds of our time watching Josh fumble the ball and try to hit it with a tennis racket, we find out that Josh steals a fellow Yalie’s bulldog, named Bully, to sub for him in the Game.

Upon hearing Josh’s idea to have the bulldog play in the game, Yale’s football coach responds bizarrely.

“Normally, I wouldn’t put up with this s—… but I’m banging your mom, so let’s see what this dog can do,” the coach says. This might be funny if it were actually referring to something, but we’re pretty sure it’s just really dumb.

The video cuts to a scene of the bulldog taking a midterm, and pays homage to quarterback Pat Witt ’12 when the professor claims, that the bulldog “could be a Rhodes scholar!”

Thankfully, this year’s game is here at Yale. When filming scenes like Josh’s declaration that his bulldog is his best friend, the filmmakers seem to have forgotten that between the two schools, Yale is obviously just way more fun. All the students know this, including Harvard students.

And as much as they make fun of our mascot, though, at least we have a real one. There’s no such thing as a Crimson.

Check out the video below: