The Slifka Center disgraced itself by presenting a talk by Israeli philopsher Asa Kasher. According to Ha’aretz columnist Amos Harel, Israeli soldiers tactics in Gaza in the winter attack of 2008-09 were based in part on “ethical theory” developed by Kasher.

Respected human rights organizations regard Israel’s Cast Lead attack as replete with human rights abuses. For instance, Amnesty International said, “ Much of the destruction was wanton and resulted from direct attacks on civilian objects as well as indiscriminate attacks.”

Operation Cast Lead killed 300 children and hundreds of other civilians. Four children of the Abu Halima family were killed by a white phospohrus shell. Thousands of buildings were bombed, including a U.S. school. There were no battles at all — mainly relentless bombing.

Kasher said in Ha’aretz that there is “no justification for endangering the lives of soldiers to avoid the killing of civilians who live in the vicinity of terrorists.” Following this cruel “ethical theory,” Israel does anything and everything to make sure soldiers are not endangered. This indeed was the guide followed in Gaza, and hundreds of Palestinian civilians paid the price. Shame on the Slifka Center. Kasher belongs before the bar, not in a lecture hall.

Stanley Heller

Nov. 13

The writer is a 1969 graduate of Branford College.