In a clear demonstration that Harvard students measure their “superiority” by their university’s single-digit acceptance rate and their pinnies, a group of Harvard entrepreneurs have launched an “#OccupyYale” pinny — prominently displaying the school’s 6.2% admissions rate — for Cantabs to wear at The Game this weekend.

The new design by the “Harvard-Yale Merchandise Team” features a crimson and white pinny that says “OCCUPY YALE” on the front and “WE ARE THE 6%” on the back. According to the design’s website, Cantabs with an “#OccupyYale” pinny will be able to “show off [their] guns at the tailgate and let everyone know that [they’re] Occupying Yale.”

The pinnies come in three colors: crimson with white lettering, white with crimson lettering and a reversible pinny with both colors and prints. Single-colored pinnies cost $15 while the reversible option will cost $20. The blog Gawker called the pinnies the “worst Harvard-Yale merchandise ever.

“Not sure what will happen when these twerps start hurling spheroids down the field, but between this pinnie and Yale’s publicity-magnet quarterback Patrick Witt, Yale definitely won the PR game this year,” Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor writes.

The Harvard-Yale merchandise website is also selling an assortment of other products, ranging from “Yale Sucks” sunglasses and “F— Yale” pinnies to Harvard-Yale Game Day flasks and “Yale: Illegitimate since 1701” T-shirts. That’s so legit.

We guess we admire Harvard’s entrepreneurial, Zuckerbergian spirit, but we’d like to point out that it seems like at Harvard, the first step to success is immediately dropping out.