Quinnipiac University students are an indelible part of the Saturday night experience in New Haven Saturday, but possibly not for long.

Dattco, the transportation company that provides the university’s shuttles into downtown New Haven, may cut QU off due to rising cases of public urination near or on the buses, the university’s student newspaper Quad News reported last week.

Thirty-eight students, 32 of whom were female, have faced charges related to public urination in just the past two months — that’s five incidents a week, give or take.

So how are Quinnipiac students reacting? Columnist Mike Lewis urged his fellow students to hold it until they could find a bathroom.

“Not only have 38 citations been issued, but they’ve been issued over the past two months. That’s 60 days,” Lewis writes. “That means that on two thirds of all days since the beginning of September some Quinnipiac student was literally being caught with their pants down by the New Haven police.”

“Without the shuttle QU girls will have nowhere to show off that cute little skirt they bought over the summer that they couldn’t wear until they got back to school because they had no desire to see their fathers cry,” Lewis went on to write, expressing concern over the potential loss of the shuttle.”

To keep the buses around, Quinnipiac’s student government is mobilizing to start a campaign educating students about the detrimental effects of public urination, with president Andrew McDermott adding in the Quad News that the education is necessary for a “much-needed culture change.” We’ll let you know when that change happens.