Stanley McChrystal, retired four-star general in the U.S. Army, will be teaching his “Leadership” seminar again this spring. Applications for the seminar are now open and will be due Nov. 28 at noon, according to an email sent on Thursday to undergraduates in certain majors.

The class, as its title suggests, focuses on the execution of leadership in today’s society. While military leadership will be studied, the goal of the class is to understand leadership in a broader context, examining it in terms of politics, business and education, among others. Students will read and analyze case studies as well as current events. Specific topics of study include the role of the leader, decision making, dealing with risk, the changing leadership environment, the effect of the media, dealing with failure and more. There is even an optional field trip to Gettysburg in late February.

To apply, students go online to the Jackson Institute’s website and fill out basic information as well as explain their qualifications for the course and how the course would promote their educational and vocational goals. A resume and unofficial transcript are also required. In the end, 20 students from the graduate and undergraduate community will be offered a spot in the class.

The students ultimately selected for the course will hear back by Jan. 6.