• When the Office of the Registrar does its job well, its workings are hardly noticed, Yale College Dean Mary Miller said. Yet the registrar’s office underpins much of the academic experience at Yale, and keeps records of students lives. Since July, these responsibilities have been in new hands, as Gabriel Olszewski has stepped into the newly created position of University Registrar.
  • Chinese international students applying to Yale this year will likely face greater competition than those who applied in past years. The number of Chinese international students in past incoming classes has hovered between 11 to 15 each year, making them the largest contingent of international students from any individual country, Dean of Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel said.
  • After losing 46 percent of its federal funding for the current academic year, the program for African Studies is fighting to gain additional financial support from the University. The Council on African Studies held a town hall meeting Wednesday to discuss critical issues facing the African Studies program in the wake of reductions to the program’s University and federal funding.


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