Though a car traveling at 60 miles per hour rammed into a pole on Park Street outside Pierson College last night, Connecticut’s drivers are among the best in the nation, according to rankings released Wednesday by

The ranking factors in how many driving-related fatalities a state records, how many tickets a state issues and how many citations for drunk or careless driving a state issues. It takes data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the American Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving into account.

The states with the worst drivers were Louisiana, Missouri and Texas. More rankings below:


  1. Rhode Island
  2. Connecticut
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Virginia
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Oregon
  7. Maine
  8. Illinois
  9. Nebraska
  10. Ohio


  1. Louisiana
  2. Missouri
  3. Texas
  4. Florida
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Arizona
  7. Kentucky
  8. Montana
  9. Alabama
  10. South Carolina