Yalies are gearing up to support the Occupiers.

At a Monday night meeting at Dwight Hall, about 30 Yale students, mostly undergraduates, discussed strategies to bring aid to the protesters camped on the Green. But the spectre of danger has come up again for Yale students trying to get involved after disorder bubbled up among the demonstrators in recent days.

Last week a six-person tent for Yale students was installed on the Green, and two more tents will be available soon, said Avani Mehta ’15, a Yale student involved in the protest.

Meanwhile, over the past few days the protesters had to deal with internal problems, including the introduction of drugs and alcohol into the camp, that have brought a huge sense of “paranoia and fear” in the camp, said Martina Crouch ’14.

“I’m not sure if increasing the physical presence of Yale students in the camp would be helpful right now,” Crouch said. “ The Green is just not a receptive environment at the moment.”

The Yale students gathered at Dwight Hall said they were still unsure about their relationship with the camp, but they intended to work within the larger movement.

“We are part of Occupy New Haven,” Mehta said. “We are thinking of ways to support the movement, while protecting the safety of the students.”

Students at the meeting approved a direct action group, with the purpose of discussing future independent actions, including student protests and mini-rallies. They also created a facilitating group that will look to runmeetings more efficiently and promote additional informal discussions for Yale students involved in the movement.

The Yale Working Group of Occupy New Haven holds weekly meetings at Dwight Hall.