Hey activists! You’ve only got a few more hours to sign up for YHHAP Fast.

Organized every semester by the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, the YHHAP Fast allows Yalies to donate their meal swipes for the day to programs that fight hunger and homelessness in New Haven. Last semester, over 2,000 Yale students signed up and raised over $18,000.

This year, each residential college is fighting to increase its student participation rate and boost their position in the spirit of charity and competition and not receiving a prize. As of early this evening, Davenport was in the lead, with a 49 percent participation rate. Davenport Dean Ryan Brasseaux GRD ’08 has promised to dress up as a gnome for a day if his college reaches 50 percent participation, so it looks like he’ll have to get out his favorite gnome costume soon to celebrate. The full standings are below:

  1. Davenport – 49 percent
  2. Ezra Stiles – 39 percent
  3. Morse – 39 percent
  4. Branford – 39 percent
  5. Pierson – 36 percent
  6. Calhoun – 34 percent
  7. Saybrook – 34 percent
  8. Silliman – 34 percent
  9. Timothy Dwight – 33 percent
  10. Jonathan Edwards – 33 percent
  11. Trumbull – 31 percent
  12. Berkeley – 27 percent

Yale students who haven’t donated their meal swipes can still do so until 6 a.m.