• Though Mandi Schwartz ’11 lost her 27-month battle with cancer in early April, the efforts she inspired for leukemia patients across the United States and Canada are continuing through a new foundation created in her honor. The Mandi Schwartz Foundation, an initiative led by members of the Yale Athletics community, launched its website last week with the mission of providing ongoing support to young hockey players diagnosed with cancer. With an emphasis on increasing awareness about cancer, the foundation will aim to continue the advocacy work and fundraising that thrust Schwartz’s cause into the national spotlight.
  • Burkina Faso-based company Art’Dév/Compagnie Auguste-Bienvenue makes its American debut at the Iseman Theater from today to Saturday as part of “No Boundaries,” a collaborative project by the Yale Repertory Theater and the World Performance Project (WPP). The contemporary West African dance company will premiere two works as part of their “Engagement Féminin” initiative. The project seeks to explore, celebrate, and promote a rising generation of female artists in the West African dance world amidst a history of underrepresentation in the field.
  • At around 4 p.m., children of all ages rush into Katalina’s Bakery. Chatter fills the room, as eyes peer over the counter, glancing at an array of intricately decorated cupcakes. Smiles spread across their faces, as owner Kathy Riegelmann patiently helps them pick out a cupcake, offering suggestions and samples. A fitness instructor at Payne Whitney Gym since 2003, Rielgelmann recently opened Katalina’s Bakery on Whitney Ave. to pursue her passion for baking.


High of 58 degrees, low of 41 degrees, mostly sunny.


In the colleges

Breakfast: Maple Flavored Organic Oatmeal, Waffle Bar, Cranberry-Orange Tea Bread (no nuts)

Lunch: Italian Wedding Soup, Asian Mushroom Broth, Grilled Eggplant & Vegetable Stack, Pizza With Alberta’s Pomodoro Sauce, Pizza With Clams & Smoked Mozzarella, Rachel Sandwich With Coleslaw, BLAT Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries, Herbed Fresh Green Beans, Arugula Fennel Fontina Salad, Chickpea, Peppers, Olives & Charmoula, German Potato Salad, Organic Plain Brownie

Dinner: Grilled Eggplant, Roasted Peppers & Mozzarella Focaccia, Vegan Tom Kha Gai, Turkey Gravy, Roast Turkey Breast, Pork Gai Lan with Chow Fun Noodles, Sticky Rice, Peas & Sautéed Mushrooms, Arugula Fennel Fontina Salad, Chickpea, Peppers, Olives & Charmoula, German Potato Salad, Pastel de Tres Leche

In Commons

Breakfast: Grits, Cage-Free Scrambled Egg Whites, Waffle Bar, Scrambled Eggs, Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Sausage Links, Potato Pancakes, Cranberry-Orange Tea Bread (no nuts)

Lunch: Italian Sausage & Pasta Soup, Corn Chowder, Chili Con Pollo, Vegan Bean Burrito, Spaghetti, Organic Tomato Sauce, Chefs Choice All-Natural Burger, Herb Marinated Chicken Breast Sandwich, Garden Burger, Chinese Marinated Tofu, Pepperoni Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Tofu Pad Thai, Green Bean & Tofu, Vegetable Fried Rice, Jasmine Rice, General Tso’s Chicken, Ciabatta Caprese Sandwich, Cilantro Rice, Fresh Corn On The Cob, Chickpea, Peppers, Olives & Charmoula, Black Bean & Rice Salad, Organic Plain Brownie