You might not have power, but you can at least get a hot shower.

In an email to Yale faculty, staff, postdoctoral students and graduate and professional students this morning, the Athletics Department announced it is opening Payne Whitney Gym to anyone who needs a place to shower. This comes after the weekend’s historic snowstorm caused hundreds of households in New Haven and hundreds of thousands of customers statewide to lose power.

From the email:

Many of you have significant clean up to do and parts of the state will be without power for at least a week. We hope you will stay safe and watch out for any downed power lines. As we noted after Storm Irene, a hot shower can’t solve all problems, but it may at least help you feel better!

People looking for a shower are asked to check in at the main lobby desk and bring their own towel if possible.

The Athletics Department extended a similar offer of assistance after Hurricane Irene. Just over 750,000 customers statewide are still without power after the storm, including 616 households in New Haven.