Have you ever yearned to watch a man perform in a living room made entirely of piñatas?

Performing artists John O’Donnell and Bill Beckett put on a show that was just that for the opening of New Haven’s 14th annual City-Wide Open Studios festival earlier this month. Now, as Open Studios draws to a close, these men and nine other artists have come back to put on a series of performing art pieces this weekend. They’ll be at the intersection of College and Crown Streets, in the space formerly occupied by Sera Nails, until 5 p.m. today.

So maybe there won’t be any pinatas this time. But the events, with titles like “Works by Jeremy Milk Toast: Volumes 1-4,” will brong some kitsch and excitement to your Halloweekend.

Curated by Erika Van Natta ART ’03, “We are Cable,” this series of performing art pieces, features alumna Laura Marsh ART ’07, as well as artists and musicians from New Haven and other Connecticut towns.

The theme of television media sets the overall tone for the show, Van Natta said.

“There is going to be a constant live TV feed,” Van Natta explained. “And the pieces themselves are going to simulate the non-stop programming of television sitcom.”

But the show will delve more deeply into issues of modern life. According to We are Cable’s official statement, the pieces will “explore concepts of media, gender, identity, leisure and entertainment.”

This year’s City-Wide Open Studios festival has been going on since Oct. 12 and closes today.