• After Steve Jobs’ death in early October, a former School of Management Dean is leading one of the Apple CEO’s most mysterious projects. Three years ago this week, Joel Podolny resigned from his post as Dean of the SOM two years before the conclusion of his five-year term to serve as dean of Apple’s “university,” an executive training program that was the brainchild of Steve Jobs. Apple has released little information about the project since its inception in 2008.
  • Almost one third of eligible faculty members over the of age of 70 have chosen to ease out of their academic careers over the next three years through the Faculty Phased Retirement Program.

    The number of professors who either retired or opted for Yale’s phased retirement program — which was made available to tenured professors ages 65 to 70 in December 2010 — was roughly double the University’s typical annual retirement rate and about triple the rate seen in the previous two years, Provost Peter Salovey said.

  • We never pay much attention to the Grove Street Cemetery. But this seemingly creepy locale — along with a few other possibly “haunted” locations on campus — have a lot to teach us about the history of Yale and of life in New Haven. Sophie Grais investigates in this week’s WEEKEND cover.


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