Yale came in 14th in a recent report by Trojan and Sperling’s Best Places for having a top college sexual education programs in the country, according to an article posted on The Daily Beast this month.

To evaluate the colleges, Trojan and Sperling contacted approximately 200 student health centers and administrators at the nation’s top colleges and asked them to evaluate their sex-ed programs based on convenience, scope and quality from a scale of one to 10.

Columbia University came in first place, followed by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in second, Princeton in third, Brown in fourth and the University of Connecticut in 19th.

Here’s the breakdown of Yale’s score:

HIV Testing: 10

STD Testing: 10

Sexual awareness program: 7.5

Availability of contraceptives: 7.5

Availability of condoms: 10

Availability of anonymous advice: 3.5

Peer groups: 8

Outreach programs: 8.5

Sexual assault programs: 9

Health center hours: 8.5

Appointment flexibility: 5

Website usability: 8