By day, he’s Jackson Mills, a Pierson College custodian. By night, he’s Buck Breeze, a New Haven-based rap artist whose music video for the single “Lust For Money” is racking up hundreds of views on YouTube.

A group of Piersonites commissioned Buck Breeze to perform in Olivia Scicolone’s ’14 suite for her 20th birthday on Monday night. Ben Green ’14 and Levi DeLuke ’14, along with some friends, contacted the rapper using a number provided at the end of one of his music videos. Scicolone initially introduced them to his online music, and they said they knew she was a big fan. The rapper stuck around after his 15-minute gig to chat with Yalies.

“I thought he was really good — he stayed afterwards to hang out with us and we talked to him about his music and his videos,” said Levi DeLuke ’14.

Mills said that the group “showed a lotta love and were getting into it.”

“I’d do it again any time,” Mills said. “I’ve actually been trying to get into the Spring Fling for three to four years now, and I don’t know what I have to do. Some people tell me I have to do Battle of the Bands, but I was too late for that this year — I’ll keep trying.”

Buck Breeze said has done shows all over during his decade-long rap career, from here in New Haven to as far as Amsterdam. In an interview with Recession Proof Magazine, an independent online music magazine, the rapper says his “grind” is the reason he’s “recession-proof,” and violence in New Haven has influenced his music.

“Somebody shot or dead every other day,” Mills said in the interview. “I know it’s real everywhere, but this is all I know and this is what affects me.”

Interested in checking out Mills’ “grind”? You can book Buck Breeze by calling (203) 747-9635.