In response to student complaints about new residential college summer storage restrictions, administrators have revised the changes they announced only three weeks ago.

As a result of the change, students can now store one bookshelf per person in their residential college rooms over the summer, the Yale College Council announced in its newsletter Tuesday morning. Previously, as part of broad changes to undergraduate regulations announced Oct. 4, students could only store one chair per person and one couch per suite. Council of Masters Chair Frank Keil said in an email that he and his colleagues decided allowing bookshelves was a reasonable compromise.

“We came to the conclusion that empty bookcases should be an asset to summer residents while also not posing too much of a challenge to cleaning because of their relatively small footprints and because of their durability when being moved about,” he said.

The YCC had begun meeting with administrators shortly after the policy changes to discuss possible amendments to the regulations, and last week the Jonathan Edwards College Council circulated a petition among residential college councils expressing opposition to the new storage measures.

Both YCC President Brandon Levin ’13 and JECC President Nick Allen ’13 said they are pleased that the administration has returned to some of the original policies, though they hope to continue discussions to accomplish further gains.

“We’re incredibly proud of the progress that was made, but we are looking forward to continuing negotiations,” Levin said. “My hope is to get lamps, if at all possible.”

The YCC will continue to work with the administration to find more sustainable and cheap storage options for all students from an external source, Levin added.

Eleven residential colleges councils ultimately signed the JECC’s petition.