The Yale College Council announced Tuesday morning that after weeks of negotiations, the new undergraduate summer storage regulations have been expanded to allow students to also store one bookshelf per person in residential college dorm rooms, in addition to one chair per student and one couch per suite.

The revised regulations come after weeks of petitions by the Yale College Council and residential college councils disputing the stricter regulations.

YCC President Brandon Levin ’13 said the proposal to allow bookshelves has been passed by both Frank Keil, Chair of the Council of Masters, and Yale College Dean Mary Miller, adding that he plans to collaborate with both administrators in the future to continue to rework the regulations.

An excerpt from this morning’s email:

“The Yale College Council is thrilled to announce that the storage restrictions in the new undergraduate regulations have been amended. Summer storage in rooms has been expanded to include one bookcase per student, an item that was disallowed by the regulations released one month ago; this is a major step forward, and we also applaud and thank the many residential college councils that demonstrated support for changes as well.”