Naomi Wolf ’84 did not plan on getting arrested at an Occupy Wall Street protest Tuesday night. She didn’t even plan on attending.

Ever the activist, Wolf, the author of seven books, said couldn’t help but get involved with the protestors outside of the formal Huffington Post event she was attending in an “evening gown.” She ended up leading 30 to 40 of the protesters in a single-file march outside on the sidewalk, after making sure it was legal with one of the event’s spokespeople, Wolf said in the Guardian. The police told them the event’s permit did not allow protests where they walking, however, and soon 40 senior officers blocked their path. They demanded that Wolf stop, and arrested her when she didn’t move to leave.

“The issue is that I actually know New York City permit law… I didn’t choose to get myself arrested. I chose to obey the law and that didn’t protect me,” Wolf told the Huffington Post. She spent a half hour in jail before being released.