Cleaning out the kitchen. After four restaurants failed a health inspection in September and another five were issued warnings, all Elm City restaurants passed health inspections conducted between Oct. 3 and Oct. 6.

His coming is nigh. Legendary actor, director and voice artist Morgan Freeman will visit campus on Nov. 8, hosting a University-wide event at 4:30 p.m., followed by an exclusive dinner in Timothy Dwight College at 7:30 p.m., TD Master Jeffrey Brenzel announced in an email to students Sunday night. Brenzel’s email said his college will host a lottery to determine which students will earn seats at the dinner. “For now, ring your bells and wait for additional news,” Brenzel wrote.

Silliman stinks, too. Some residents of Silliman College will wake up to the same smoke testing done in Saybrook last week, in hopes of finding “the funky smell that permeates Silliflicks, the moat on Wall Street and parts of the basement,” Silliman Master Judith Krauss wrote in an email to students Sunday.

Eager beavers lined up late into Thursday night and early Friday morning outside the Apple store on Broadway to claim one of the first iPhone 4S’s sold at the store after its Friday morning release.

Cookie is the new Wenzel. Insomnia Cookies, a national chain of stores that deliver cookies, brownies, milk and other desserts late into the night, will soon come to Chapel Street, signs posted in an empty storefront said. Insomnia Cookies will be located next to J&B Deli, near the intersection of Chapel and York Streets.

Let them eat cake. To celebrate its 375th birthday this weekend, Harvard comissioned alumna Joanne Chang to create a massive red velvet cake in the shape of an “H.” The cake, which was served Friday, was baked to feed as many as 5,000 people.


1963 Two carloads of students left campus for Jackson, Miss., to participate in a protest gubernatorial election to emphasize the disenfranchisement of blacks in the South.